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Xo Vision HTC35 Universal Weatherproof Backup Camera With Night Vision

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HTC35 Universal Weatherproof Backup Camera

Shopping online is a breeze and simple, which is why lots of people tend to shop online rather then visit the shopping mall. Do you like your automobile clearly show it wth a New HTC35 Universal Weatherproof Backup Camera ! HTC35 Universal Weatherproof Backup Camera is definitely an instance of good quality rear backup camera you can find via the web. If you are thinking of buying a camera, you've come to the perfect place. This site offers you unique bargains just for this rear backup camera with protected transaction. A summary of special features are easy installation, wide visual angle, built-in nightvision and universal vehicle backup camera. The camera is 1.25" Height x 1.5" Length x 1.25" Width and weighs something like 0.5 lbs. Buying the HTC35 Universal Weatherproof Backup Camera , add to cart by clicking the hyperlink below.

XO vision

Model: HTC35
UPS: 875690003767
Package Quantity: 1

See what is behind you with this backup camera from XO Vision. Built-In Nightvision lets you see what's behind your automobile even in the darkest lighting conditions. Requires a DC 12V energy source with a negative ground. The tiny size allows easy installation in different positions and places. Easy installation. 5 Lux illumination, and 10 LED sensors for superior nightvision. Waterproof and Weatherproof. Perfect gadget to eliminate those blindspots. Comes with a 1 Year Warranty. Wide visual angle of 72 °. Universal Vehicle Backup Camera, NTSC color system, 6 mm Color image sensor, 1.


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