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Pyle PLCM38FRV Universal Mount Optional Front View And Rear View Backup Cmd Distance Scale Line Camera

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PLCM38FRV Universal Mount Optional Front

Acquiring a camera for the vehicle? See the PLCM38FRV Universal Mount Optional Front by Pyle! I'm sure you will love that the camera offers this feature, total pixels: s80 x s40 - led light for night vision. The rear backup camera dimensions are 3"H x 5.5"L x 3.25"W. It weighs close to 0.39 lbs. How to buy a PLCM38FRV Universal Mount Optional Front . To learn more about this backup cam, visit our affilate add to cart button on this page.


Model: PLCM38FRV
UPS: 068888992602
Package Quantity: 1

This universal mount camera is perfect for mounting on the front or rear of your car. It's equipped with LED lights for night vision, and puts out a high good quality signal more than RCA video compatible with virtually every in-car display with RCA inputs, which includes Pyle's own. Includes video and energy cables and instructions for mounting. It's also equipped using a distance-line mode to show you how far away you are from other objects in the camera's viewfinder. It's got a wide angle, 170 degree field of view, so you'll generally have the potential to tell what's coming up behind you or in front of you.


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