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Pyle PLCM4700 4. 7-INCH Window Suction Mount Tft/lcd Monitor With License Plate Mount Rearview Backup Camera With Distance Scale Line

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PLCM4700 4 7INCH Window Suction Mount
Pyle PLCM4700 4 7INCH Window Suction Mount Tftlcd Monitor With License Plate Mount Rearview Backup Camera With Distance Scale Line Image 1

automobile lovers are going to like this PLCM4700 4. 7-INCH from Pyle! One of the best features for these cameras is the 4. 7" tft-lcd monitor - contrast: 200:1 camera: - low luc performance of 0. 2 lux night vision - water proof, fog resistant. The rear backup camera dimensions are 2.75" Height x 8" Length x 11.25" Width. It has got a weight of 1.45 lbs. The EAN-13 barcode for this product is 0068888742504. Making sure that your transaction goes smoothly and everyone comes out satisfied, I'll offer you some pointers before you buy this rear backup camera. To make sure you aren't disappointed after purchasing it also in accordance with the item you really want. There is also price comparisons from sellers that we found, to ensure you really get the very best value currently with this excellent rear backup camera. Should you need a great deal on this rear backup camera, visit the market link.


Model: PLCM4700
UPS: 068888742504
Package Quantity: 1

Check out the PLCM4700, an awesome video monitor/backup camera kit from Pyle. The camera outputs crystal clear video more than an RCA jack - even in relatively low light. 7"LCD monitor detects when you back up and shows the camera on screen. This kit includes a waterproof, low-light-vision equipped, license plate mount color rear view camera and suction cup mount screen for the inside of your auto. It's also equipped getting a distance-line mode to show you how far away you are from other objects in the camera's viewfinder. And with two video inputs, you can even use the monitor to watch DVDs or video from any other source that outputs composite video. Perfect for backing into tight spots or moving in reverse when visibility is restricted - it's like having an extra eye. The 4. Includes video and energy cables, wireless remote control for monitor, and directions for mounting.


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