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Swift Hitch SH01 Portable Wireless Camera System

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SH01 Portable Wireless Camera System

You can purchase different products in the comfort of your house. The SH01 Portable Wireless Camera System happens to be a type of excellent rear backup camera you can get out there. In case you are thinking of buying this item, you've come to the ideal place. We supply you exclusive discounted rates just for this rear backup camera with protected purchase. There's no doubt that you will love that it includes it doesn't get any easier than using swift hitch. Other features consist of mount, view, and hitch up. The UPC (Universal Product Code) for this product is 827912049282. The color for these rear backup cameras is yellow. The rear backup camera dimensions are 4" Height x 13" Length x 11" Width. It weighs just about 1.1 lbs. Choosing the SH01 Portable Wireless Camera System .

Swift Hitch

Model: SH01
UPS: 827912049282
Color: Yellow
Package Quantity: 1

The Swift Hitch wireless camera system was designed to assist everyone who has ever struggled with hitching any style trailer or snowplow. The totally automatic night vision camera allows the user to hitch up in total darkness. This totally portable method is charged and powered by any vehicle's 12-volt socket, employing the included charge cable, and will run continuously for up to 4 hours.

Swift Hitch was 1st introduced in 2006 and is the original portable wireless backup camera system. Swift Hitch's versatile system can be very easily used by anyone who has ever struggled with hitching-up any trailer or snowplow. The flexibility in the Swift Hitch permits it for use by everyone from farmers watching their bins fill-up also as other agricultural applications, to developing and marine inspectors, chimney sweeps, equestrians, and a myriad of other utilizes wherever an extra set of “ eyes” can are available in handy. The Swift Hitch's portability, reverse imaging and night vision capabilities have designed this innovative item a valued tool.

Swift Hitch wireless cameras function an successful transmission range between camera and monitor of as much as 300 feet (100 yards) with unobstructed line of sight. Solid, Weather Resistant Base Wireless functionality and an very easily changed mounting position in the camera allows the user to swiftly see high quality images at their desired viewing ranges.

The camera mounting base has a strong magnet and 2 screw holes for easy and quick positioning of the camera for the best viewing angle. A weather guard on the camera protects the on/off switch and energy receptacle. Reverse Imaging function

The LED indicator is red while charging and automatically turns off when fully charged. LED turns green when on. Video Out Port and Cable on Monitor

The charging cable for the batteries is “ Y” -shaped and plugs into any vehicle's cigarette lighter, and has a built-in fuse to safeguard gear throughout charging. Both the camera and monitor could be charged at the identical time. About Swift Hitch

Swift Hitch is a Toren Partners company whose mission is typically to deliver productivity tools and innovative merchandise to simplify consumers' daily activities. Quality control and testing are completed in the State of Massachusetts, USA. The Swift Hitch has been sold to thousands of satisfied and loyal customers. Toren Partners, LLC takes pride in high high quality products and customer service.


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