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Third Eye Te-txrx Universal 2GZ Backup Camera Wireless Transmitter And Receiver

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Tetxrx Universal 2GZ Backup Camera Wireless

The Te-txrx Universal 2GZ Backup Camera Wireless in black makes a great item for your car. TE-TXRX is the manufacturer's number for this product. These backup cams is available in black. There's no doubt that you will like that the item includes this feature, universal wireless video transmitter and receiver. Other features include output power: 100mw and working distance up to 6 meters. The backup cam is 3" Height x 5.25" Length x 3.25" Width. It weighs around 0.29 lbs. To take advantage of the discount I found, check out our partners via the link.

Metra Electronics Corp

Model: TE-TXRX
UPS: 864292555736
Color: Black
Package Quantity: 1

Third Eye TE-TXRX manufactured by Metra Electronics could be a small universal 2. Product Features include: 2Ghz Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver; Working distance up to 6 meters; Eliminates the need to run a video cable via the vehicle; Output Power: 100MW; Power Input: 12V DC; Input/Output Signal: PAL/NTSC; Sensitivity: -85 Dbm; Connector: Optional (RCA, Min-din, 2. The TE-TXRX eliminates the need to run a video cable by indicates of the vehicle. The Third Eye product line consists of cameras and sensors to assist drivers in visibility. 4 GHz, working at a distance of as much as 6 meters. Other Third Eye products compatible with or similar too (but not included with) the TE-TXRX are: Color 3. 4Ghz wireless video transmitter and receiver created for use with car backup, parking assist and RV cameras. 5mm jack) ; Max Transmission Distance: 100m (open place) ; Working Temperature: -20 degree C ~ 80 degree. 5"TFT LCD 320x240 RGB Universal Mount Video Screen (part number TE-35VS) ; Small License Plate Mountable Camera (part number TE-LPC) ; Small Bullet Camera (part number TE-SBC) ; Small Square Camera (portion number TE-SSC) ; Through-Hole Camera (part number TE-THC) ; Front and Rear 8 Sensor Parking Assist Kit (part number TE-8PSK) ; Rear 4 Sensor Parking Assist (part number TE-4PSK) ; Replacement Parking Sensor (part quantity TE-ES) The TE-TXRX Transmits on 2.


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