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Magellan 1700-LM 7-INCH Wide Color Touchscreen Gps Vehicle Navigation System With Back-up Camera

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In case you are looking for a camera We've come up with some good information. The 1700-LM 7-INCH Wide a great product from Magellan is a nice camera. I in fact liked that the product had includes magellan back up camera cpbckusgxxx. Additional features include things like 6 million points of interest and free lifetime map updates. These backup cams is available in black. It's 6.1" Height x 6.7" Length x 9.5" Width. It weighs roughly 0.65 lbs. I want you to get the best price when purchasing a backup cam. Please visit the buyers market button on this site.

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Magellan Cpbckusgxxx Wireless Back Up Camera

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The Cpbckusgxxx Wireless brought to you by Magellan a great rear backup camera. Among the list of key features is the camera is user-adjustable downward to 45 degrees. Additional features include substantial 45 foot range. The camera dimensions are 4.7"H x 2.8"L x 8.5"W and it weighs approximately 1 lbs. Should you need a great deal for this backup cam, click on the shopping cart add to shopping cart button on this page.

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